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My son beat up his MAC pretty bad and ultimately lost the ability to use it at all – the issues with it far too many to list here. His life in pictures and music were on the hard drive and after having one supposed MAC expert look at it and tell me the hard drive was completely gone I came upon MAC Mechanic. They recovered the hard drive with no problems and even offered to assist me over the holiday season. They are responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. Three outstanding virtues which are seldom found in the service industry. Their pricing is fair and their service fast. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Beth Price
Thanks Travis for explaining everything in terms we could understand. We enjoyed meeting you and are enjoying using our computer thanks to you!
Laura Thurgood
Calgary Ab
I had an urgent repair that I was told would take a couple weeks. MacMechanic solved my issues in 1.5 hours! Any other repair facility in town is simply a compromise.
Mark Ruth
Calgary, Alberta
Your search is over! I have done my due diligence in dealing with and searching for other companies that do Apple/Mac repairs and they come up short in service and cost. No need for Apple direct or Bigger repair shops.

MacMechanic was immediately a voice of confidence and trust.

They dealt with my laptop repair in a focused on issue (and not trying to up sell you) way, cost was cheaper and on target with what needed to be done. Trust me on this, i have dealt with many other groups and MacMechanic are who you need and will take care of you.
John Iaquinta
This is a great shop, very focused with deep understanding of how apple computers work, how to fix them, and how to get your data back. When the Apple store gives you a shrug, don't give up, this company can probably help you. I lost data on a hard drive and could not get it to connect, and I was in and out of MacMechanic in 5 minutes with the solution to my issues, it was the right cable (it is an odd one that nobody knew about at the other store) and got the data back safe and sound. Thank you!
Derek Bullen
After being lead to believe our Mac Book Pro required full replacement by Apple, Mac Mechanic came to the rescue.

Our infant daughter swatted a cup of coffee out of my wife's hands that landed on our $2400 Mac Book. We immediately shut it down and took it to the Genious Bar.

Having paid for AppleCare, we thought we'd have some sort of protection, but sure enough, we didn't.

The technician told us that the price to replace all the damaged parts was close to the equivalent of a new purchase. We were also told they cleaned the spilled coffee as best as possible, and if we waited a couple of weeks, it might turn back on a run as though nothing happens.

We waited two weeks as the technician requested and turned the Mac Book back on. Obviously it wasn't in any shape to work as it did pre coffee armageddon.

Being frustrated with the assessment my wife and I decided to outsource to a third party for repairs.

Enter Mac Mechanic...

Immediately we were told the assessment by the Genious Bar was incorrect as it should never have been turned back on. This likely caused more damage than good.

After bringing it in to Mac Mechanic, they worked diligently at repairing the carnage, it was as though a "new" Mac Book had resurfaced.

All of this at a quarter of the cost that Apple had quoted!

I will likely never deal with the "Genius Bar" again, and will send all my business and referrals to Mac Mechanic.

Unfortunately there is probably some other poor sap out there falling for Apple's opportunistic assessments right now...
Ronny Sharma
Long story short, my MacBook Air was a poutine. I went home and wiped off as much residue I could and cleaned out the ports. All of the ports were blue, indicating liquid exposure that would likely lead to corrosion. I took it to Apple Chinook the morning after it turned into a poutine and the following took place. I explained the very sad turn of events that resulted in liquid penetrating every single port on my MacBook. They turned my MacBook on and attempted to run diagnostics through the lightning port knowing full well that that could cause a shortage. This was very disheartening. After that, they took it to the back to open my device up to assess the damage. They returned to tell me that I needed a new logic board, a new display, and one other thing that I can no longer remember off the top of my head. They quoted me +$1300. I thought to myself that it was just my luck and it would not be worth it to spend that absurd amount of money to to attempt to repair my MacBook, as they did not guarantee that it could be fixed. It would be more worthwhile to purchase a new one. I went home to deliberate with those close to me. I decided to do some research on third party repairs. That is when I found MacMechanic. I am pleased to say that I am writing this review from my repaired MacBook. They were able to accommodate my very busy schedule in both drop off and pick-up. It took a little longer to fix, as my MacBook was in rough shape, but they stood by their quote, which was a fraction of what Apple asked for. I come from a customer service background and the customer service I received through They were fantastic and I strongly recommend MacMechanic's services. I've already referred a good friend with a liquid damaged MacBook to him and am waiting to hear good news. Many many thanks!
Sandy Tran
Mac mechanic is awesome. Quick, reliable and affordable. Would recommend their service to anyone who is having issues with their Apple products.

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