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The MacMechanic team were great when it came to figuring out what was wrong with my Mac. They figured out the problem out with my mac in no time and had the problem fixed within a few days for less than I thought. If there are any problems with my computer in the future, I'll definitely be giving MacMechanic call.
I was very impressed by the service I received from MacMechanic. They were knowledgeable and honest about what to expect from them. I think they take pride in their results and so give a hundred percent. I took my MacBook in for preventive work due to a liquid spill. It looked and worked like a brand new machine when I received it. I would definitely recommend MacMechanic to anyone who wants to put their Mac in safe hands.
Petra B
the team at MacMechanic definitely know what they're doing. Instead of having to replace my entire computer when problems popped up, they managed to figurenout the problem, repair the damage and get my computer back to me within a few days.
I was very impressed with the outcome and will definitely be returning to them should any other problems occur.
After 8 years of use, my desktop decided to end it's life. Knowing that I didn't want to go to a Windows O/S, contacted Mac Mechanic and gained a new lease on Mac life. For Mac solutions, I gave 2 thumbs up.
Our company has been using Macmechanic for many years now and they have never let us down. Regardless of what the issue is they are on it until it is resolved. I know I can always count on them to provide the best service, not only with our company but personally as well. I have had my old Mac serviced cleaned and upgraded and it works fantastic. Very very happy with the service.
We have dealt with MacMechanic for several years now and they are excellent! The MacMechanic team are professional, quick to respond and quick to fix our issues, either in person, over the phone and most often, remotely - which is great for us! If you have a Mac problem call MacMechanic, they are awesome!
Calgary, Alberta
My first computer crash had no doubt made me very worried and anxious to say the least. Apple Store informed me that my hard drive was no longer working and would need to be replaced. What about my hours of scanning of family pictures and my work files. I researched and sought out around Calgary and decided upon MacMechanic. Having no previous experience with this company I did not know what to expect. Like a worried parent who did not want to leave their child at daycare for the first time, so I was with my IMac. Before leaving I was re-assured that "you're in the best hands possbile". Next phone call was to let me know the new hard drive was installed and they were able to retrieve all of my data for me! What an exciting moment I must say!!! For those of you that are unsure and hesitate as to where to take your computer to be fixed, I hope your story ends just like mine did at MacMechanics. Excellent price as well!
Darrel D
Calgary, Alberta
My Daughter has learning disabilities and is dependent on her mac book air for assisted learning technologies. The computer is a necessity not a luxury for her, every day she does not have it, leaves her further behind in school. At Apple I was quoted over $700.00 to fix the screen and encouraged to purchase a new $2000.00 computer, as a single mom these were impossible options. MacMechanic was quick to offer service and incredible turn around so she would not be without her computer. The repair was seem less and very professional at half the cost of Apple with excellent result. They were incredibly understandable of the urgency and difficulty of an unexpected cost. They were upfront with the cost and what I was quoted was what I was charged. Wonderful people, incredible service and I would highly recommended MacMechanic for apple service.
Pam Mullins

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