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MacBook Liquid / Water Damage Repair

If your Mac has encountered liquid, don't panic as there is no other resource in Western Canada more equipped and experienced to repair your MacBook than MacMechanic, and we're right here in Calgary.

Did you accidentally spill water on your MacBook? If so, we know you're not pleased with this situation at the moment, but know that you're at the right place for help.  We are heavily invested in liquid damage repair tools and equipment and have been refining our Mac restoration process for many years. We are leaders in the field and focus all of our efforts into repairing and recovering Apple products only.
We are the leading and most economical MacBook liquid damage repair experts!

All Apple service centres will replace your logic board if it has signs of water / liquid damage and your Mac is not functioning properly. MacBook Logic board replacement costs an enormous amount of money and in some cases more than the MacBook's current value. Our service is a fraction of the cost for one simple reason: instead of replacing your logic board, we repair it. Scrapping the entire logic board is a complete waste, as the small electronic components of the logic board that typically fail because of liquid, can be tested and replaced if necessary.

MacBook liquid damage repair is not as simple as cleaning up the liquid. MacMechanic has developed a complex repair process and is heavily invested in diagnostic equipment, tools and chemicals to provide this special service to insure your Mac will be reliable long after the repair. We have done research in our market and some individuals are trying to duplicate our unique service, but simply do not have the tools or experience to get the job done. We have countless cases where we are repairing hack repair attempts from other repair places when the problem is as simple as a fuse or resistor! We do not mean to bash the competition but we are seeing a lot of dishonest claims in the Calgary market and make no mistake, this is a service where integrity and experience is critical.

In short, MacMechanic has over a decade of experience and the most sophisticated process available than others who claim to perform MacBook liquid damage repair simply do not. Bring your Mac to us to get straight answers, as the cost of dealing with amateurs is too high.

If your MacBook has come into contact with liquid or moisture, contact us ASAP, and we will give you instructions on what to do next.

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