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Thanks a bunch ... I was getting ready to buy a PC due to the lack of interest from the 'box' store. These guys came through ... replaced my DVD drive within 24 hours!!!!!!! You simply cannot match the service, professionalism, timeframe and price!!!!!!!
I was very pleased with the quality of the service I received from MacMechanic in Calgary. While they was not able to resolve the problem I had with FileVault, (I blame Other Store for that and they were not at all helpful!) I had my data and photos stored elsewhere, so that was really just an inconvenience to resolve.

What impressed me was the alternative they proposed, which resulted in a cleaner, non-glitchy new hard drive which is considerably faster and a pleasure to work with. They fortunately recovered all the existing applications I was using. Everything works great now, and the cost was a fraction of what I expected it might be. My iMac now has a few more years on it.

MacMechanic was pleasant and patient with my reserve about handing over my computer when I had not used their services previously. Without a doubt, I would bring my equipment to them before I would take it anywhere else.
Karen R
MacMechanic is HIGHLY recommended! I am a PhD student and you could image my distress when my MacBook Air broke. My thesis, coursework, projects and everything you could image was stored on my computer. I immediately took my computer to the Apple Store and they told me that they could replace my logic board for $530, but they recommended that I buy a new computer instead because other parts of my computer may also be damaged. They also provided me with the contact information of a data recovery company in the USA that would charge me $2,000 to get my documents. I frantically searched around for other options. Although several local companies said they were unable to retrieve my data because the MacBook Air has a solid state hard drive, I contacted 10+ people in Calgary and found a few who were able to help. I decided to go with MacMechanic based on their reviews and it was the right choice! My logic board was FIXED and my data was backed up within 24 hours! MacMechanic even worked after business hours to have my computer back to me in record time. The service was quicker and far more affordable than what the other store offered. I will certainly go back to MacMechanic!
Calgary, Alberta
I am from Hawaii and just visiting my in-laws here in Calgary. I had a 2008 15" MacBook Pro that has been broken for almost a year with a cracked screen and an damaged logic board. My wife and I have a 4 year old son and needless to say when he was a baby he had way too much contact with our computer and so physically it was not in good shape. So when we took it to the ***** Store they said it was on the "3rd tier" and it was going to cost us between $900-$1,100 U.S. just to send it in not including the repair of the screen or the logic board (which would have been several hundred dollars more)!!! I got to Calgary saw the reviews on MacMechanic and gave them a call. I met them and they told me they could take care of it for less than HALF THE PRICE AND TIME!!!!!! Both screen and logic board were fixed in a timely manner. The guys at MacMechanic are trustworthy and do a quality job. Thanks!!!!
Shem Hannemann
After spilling coffee onto my one month old macbook pro, I went to an Apple retailer to see if I could receive any help. After only 5 minutes of being dealt with, I have never found the service given to me at Apple Store to be worse, I felt intimated by the person who was 'helping' me and their attitude seemed to make me feel stupid. I felt treated badly and the worst part was after only 5 minutes, the only option given to me was to spend $1200.00 to fix the laptop, which is what I originally paid for in the first place!

That same day I looked up MacMechanic and decided to give them a try. Afterwards I found that I have never experienced such exceptional service with any company dealing with electronics ever, both on the phone and in person! They treated me like someone in need and not just another dollar for their wallets.
To Apple Store what seemed like an impossible repair, was easily done under 3 days by MacMechanic. To top it off, the repair cost was outstandingly cheap!! Now my macbook is fixed and fully running exactly like the way it was when I first bought it!

I highly recommend MacMechanic to you and your friends for any of your macbook repairs! Thanks again MacMechanic!
Calgary, Alberta
Had MacMechanic do a hard drive replacement and ram upgrade, great service, turn around time and value. I Highly recommend MacMechanic.
Larry Soron
Re/Max iRealty Innovations
When I developed a problem with a program on my Mac, I was thrilled that MacMachanic came to the rescue - and over the phone and remotely controlled my computer. Problem solved in 5 minutes - no waiting, no being put on hold, no driving, no being without my computer for days. Ya gotta love it!
Frances McDonald
Like many mac owners, I've had my wallet cleaned out one too many times by Apple Store repairs for my MacBook Pro. Finally, I decided to look elsewhere for assistance. Not only did I receive amazing and detailed information about my Mac, and what would have taken Apple Store over a month, I had my Mac completed in hours, for a low price! For me, the amazing value of service will never again have me looking further than MacMechanic! Thanks so much!
Nicole R.
Killarney, Calgary

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