Apple On-Site Service Calgary
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We're here to help! Let us solve your Apple tech problems, so you can get back to the important stuff.

Personal, Reliable, On-Site Apple Support and Training

No line-ups here!

We can come out to you and solve your tech problems. No parking hassles, and no waiting in lines.
Service with a smile.
Our knowledgeable, friendly Apple techs take the time to get to know you and how you use your computer before beginning to resolve any issues.
Do what you do best.
One part of your system.

Serving Calgary and Area On-Site for Over a Decade - We're here to help! Call 403-455-4549

Devices not sharing?

We'll get them playing nice again.

Email not mailing?

If you're having trouble with your Email, we'll get it solved.

Slow Mac or network?

We'll find out why, and get you up to speed.

Need a fresh start?

Migrations can bring forward digital junk. We can get you that fresh start.

Passwords locking you out?

We'll help you forge a password strategy that you won't forget.

Printer not printing?

Our Mac techs are ready to get you printing again.

Need a Mac update?

If you can't update your software, because your operating system is too old, we're here for you.

Backup not backing up?

We can protect your data so you don't lose one bit.

If your Apple need is not listed above please call 403-455-4549

How it Works

An overview of the MacMechanic on-site process

1. Initial Conversation

Our Apple tech will respond to your service request to discuss your needs and based on this conversation, an appointment will be scheduled.

2. Needs Assessment

Upon arrival at your site, your Apple tech will sit down with you to review and prioritize all of your Apple needs, and devise a plan of action.

3. We Solve On-Site

As your needs are being looked after, any changes will be tested and explained to you to ensure the service has been properly completed.

4. Follow Up

We check back with you to follow up and ensure you’re happy and all your devices are working well.

Solve your tech problems fast. Call 403-455-4549

Available appointments as soon as: Sunday December 05, 2021

MacMechanic Team

The MacMechanic team has a vast base of diverse Apple support and training experience. We know tech education rapidly becomes obsolete and we continuously stay current and open to new approaches and we do it because we love it. We do not teach our techs to be experts, we simply recruit expert techs. If you or your organization needs Apple support or training, leverage our experience for the best possible customer experience.

Our Skills

Device Synchronization
One on One Tutorials and Training
Productivity and Workflow
Network Configuration and Maintenance
Data Management / Protection
Mac Performance


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Calgary, AB
T2Z 3W9

(403) 455-4549
Toll Free:
(855) 455-4549

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