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... I texted MacMechanic and told them to go ahead with the repair. I had to bring my exterior back up drive since I have lost all of my data. when I arrived at MacMechanic location he told me that I needed to buy a back-up drive to save my data and information. It was going to cost me about $136.00 plus tax. I had to be honest with him and told him that I don't have the money and that I just gave him all that i have in my name. To my surprise MacMechanic decided to help me out and work on my computer using what I gave him to restore my data. My computer was fixed but no data. I wanted to cry but didn't, I was so grateful to find such a nice compassionate man who was willing to help someone in my situation. There's something to be said about angels. I am not a religious person but after I left I said to myself, wow there's God after all. I picked up my Mac the next day. Then once I got home I had some minor troubles connecting my wireless mouse and keyboard. Again MacMechanic took the time to help me out via text. So I don't usually refer companies and it is very rare if I do. But these guys are not only good at what they do, but they 're honest, sincere, and compassionate! That's what we call excellent integrity as a human being never mind in business. But I am so happy to know that there are business out there that still operate in the good old fashion way, being human out to help another. That's rare these days. I meet a lot of seniors and people that are technology challenged, I wouldn't hesitate to refer these guys. Now I know MacMechanic guys work on Mac but I am sure it would take nothing for them to work on a PC too. I am keeping these guys and if anyone ever needs help with your apple product these guys are your tribe. I am not a wizard with computer or technology but I know good people and a good job when I meet them. I would rate these guys a 10 if I could but it's a google review. Thank you MacMechanic for being a business with integrity, class, honesty and kindness. You're a keeper in my book.
Here is the deal, If you own a Mac and want real world advice and service there is really no other choice but MacMechanic. I used to deal with other big box Mac service and always felt like I was being up sold and looked down at because I didn't have the hottest newest machines. I have had five different computers repaired and maintained by MacMechanic and I'm telling you, my computers have never ran as fast and reliable. The fact that I save money with MacMechanic is just icing on the cake. Thanks again guys!
Chris Keating
Towne Photography
WOW!! when my computer made a loud pop this morning with a burning smell I thought my computer was toast. Took it over to MacMechanics and they met me right away. Fixed it same day and I picked it up that same afternoon. Not only did I finally find somebody to work on my Mac but they did it very quickly. I've been using mac's since the original mac 128k that was released in 1984 (which I still have). I've never been happy with my Mac service until now. Thank you Mac Mechanics!!
Dennis Telle
I brought my Mac Pro in when it stopped working. Macmechanic diagnosed the problem quickly and accommodated my special request for the replacement parts. All back up and running! I would recommend them highly for any Mac issues you may have.
Jim Thielen
My iMac seized up and I thought I had to invest in a new one. NO worries! I had the hard drive replaced, all my files transferred from the external hard drive, and the latest operating system installed at MacMechanics. It's like a brand new computer for a fraction of the cost. All within three days! I highly recommend this company.
I had a huge number (over 20,000) of photos that I had thought were lost forever. MacMechanic assessed my computers and managed (after a lot of work) to not only find my photos but he delivered them back to me, teaching me how to save, recover and archive my work going forward. He stuck to his quote and delivered on their promises, thus relieving my anxiety. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone with Mac issues. They are the real deal.
Heather B
When I found myself having IMac issues after several years of use, MacMechanic were able to set me up with two MacBook units they had refurbished for an amazing price! The only issue I have had with either unit was due to unintended misuse by my children and MacMechanic was able to fix that! MacMechanic is very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. I have always been served in a timely manner and their rates are the best you can get for Mac products. I highly recommend them. :)
Catherine White
I needed to update the browser on my Macbook Pro. They installed a new hard drive updated the operating system and browser. I dropped the computer off at 10:am and picked it up the same day at 4:00pm. I found the the service to be very professional and friendly. MacMechanic called a few days later to check if everything was ok. The price was very reasonable. My Macbook is now like a new machine. I will recommend them to anyone who has Apple products and needs good efficient service. Thank you Mac Mechanics.
Jackie Tobin

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