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Here is the deal, If you own a Mac and want real world advice and service there is really no other choice but MacMechanic. I used to deal with other big box Mac service and always felt like I was being up sold and looked down at because I didn't have the hottest newest machines. I have had five different computers repaired and maintained by MacMechanic and I'm telling you, my computers have never ran as fast and reliable. The fact that I save money with MacMechanic is just icing on the cake. Thanks again guys!
Chris Keating
Towne Photography
WOW!! when my computer made a loud pop this morning with a burning smell I thought my computer was toast. Took it over to MacMechanics and they met me right away. Fixed it same day and I picked it up that same afternoon. Not only did I finally find somebody to work on my Mac but they did it very quickly. I've been using mac's since the original mac 128k that was released in 1984 (which I still have). I've never been happy with my Mac service until now. Thank you Mac Mechanics!!
Dennis Telle
I brought my Mac Pro in when it stopped working. Macmechanic diagnosed the problem quickly and accommodated my special request for the replacement parts. All back up and running! I would recommend them highly for any Mac issues you may have.
Jim Thielen
My iMac seized up and I thought I had to invest in a new one. NO worries! I had the hard drive replaced, all my files transferred from the external hard drive, and the latest operating system installed at MacMechanics. It's like a brand new computer for a fraction of the cost. All within three days! I highly recommend this company.
I had a huge number (over 20,000) of photos that I had thought were lost forever. MacMechanic assessed my computers and managed (after a lot of work) to not only find my photos but he delivered them back to me, teaching me how to save, recover and archive my work going forward. He stuck to his quote and delivered on their promises, thus relieving my anxiety. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone with Mac issues. They are the real deal.
Heather B
When I found myself having IMac issues after several years of use, MacMechanic were able to set me up with two MacBook units they had refurbished for an amazing price! The only issue I have had with either unit was due to unintended misuse by my children and MacMechanic was able to fix that! MacMechanic is very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. I have always been served in a timely manner and their rates are the best you can get for Mac products. I highly recommend them. :)
Catherine White
I needed to update the browser on my Macbook Pro. They installed a new hard drive updated the operating system and browser. I dropped the computer off at 10:am and picked it up the same day at 4:00pm. I found the the service to be very professional and friendly. MacMechanic called a few days later to check if everything was ok. The price was very reasonable. My Macbook is now like a new machine. I will recommend them to anyone who has Apple products and needs good efficient service. Thank you Mac Mechanics.
Jackie Tobin
Found mac mechanic thru a Google search. Happens I had done business with the owner on kijiji and it went great.
Easy to find location, Knowledgeable and friendly. Dropped off one day picked up the next. Who could ask for more.
blair semchuk
Efficient. Honest. Effective. I'd highly recommend Mac Mechanics to anyone who owns a Mac and needs it to be fixed or upgraded. Very accommodating with my schedule too. Easy, pleasant communication.
ab xyz
I had liquid damage to my macbook pro. Apple and westworld, a certified business of apple would not see me and my product. MacMechanic was quick, reliable and affordable. Diagnosed and fixed my macbook pro same day. Georgio and his team are friendly, professional and stick to their word. I highly recommend this business to anyone who is having issues with their apple products.
Neihana Mercer
Dead Mac no more! Mac mechanic breathed life back into my desktop at an awesome price and super fast. Highly recommended.
My daughter spilled soy sauce on her new air, and it immediately shut down and would not start again. Also was told by Apple that my old mac book pro needed a new hardware, so took the opportunity to have that one worked on as well. Very happy with the results for both computers, my old pro works as good as my daughter's new air, which is also working excellent since it's repair. Georgia is very honest, follows through on his word, maintains communication and provides great service for fair price. Definitely my go to guy for mac repair now!
Cathy Gorman
My experience was great. After getting the cheerful message that I had an unrecoverable hard drive error, called around and found a location that didn't involve negotiating a mall parking lot. They kindly carried my computer both ways. Instead of the new computer I'd been told I would require, he replaced the drive and gave me choices that increased the speed and functionality of my Mac. It's working super well and feel confident that it will continue to do so.
K Diann Duthie
Uber zealous and hard working best describe Mac Mechanic. They assured me they would fix my Mac Book Pro keyboard (naturally the warranty just ended), at a better price than Apple..... personally I get tired of waiting for the average service and long waits at Chinook. Georgia is more of a genius than my experience with the Canadian Apple Stores. I saved $100 by using him and they are top notch with customer service as you can tell by the strong business rapport. Great job!
N de Bruijn
Excellent service

Great price and outstanding timeline to get job done

Would recommend
Natasha P
I spilt a liquid over my Mac Air and it stopped functioning. Apple was asking for over $800 to replace the entire motherboard. I dropped my computer off to the Mac Mechanic and the next day it was fixed. Turns out, the keyboard and trackpad were damaged. I saved over $600! He was a nice man and I really appreciate this, thank you!
Best Mac repair shop in the city! 5 out of 5. Great service and reasonable prices. Definitely will be back.
Mac Team fixed my son's Mac Book Pro DVD with speed and efficiency. Follow up was a great touch in service quality.
The guys at Mac Mechanic had my computer up and running within a couple days. The service was exceptional and the price was right. They're my Mac Guys going forward.
I brought in my Mac Desktop in June to have a new hard drive and operating system installed. The service was great and done very quickly. My old desktop has been given a new life.
Dave Rushford
I am so grateful for these guys. After I water damaged my computer, Apple quoted me nearly $1200 to repair it. Mac Mechanic fixed it for a substantially smaller amount, and everything is working perfectly. They are reliable, and quick! Thank you guys!
Emily Martin
Great service, This is the second time over the years, and again the repair went quick and easy.
My business runs on and with mac computers creating and playing music and video performances all over North America. Mac Mechanic has saved me a number of times on short notice as well as over the internet logging into my computer to fix software issues and problems that had me dead in the water. Thanks guys!
Jack Jackson
Calgary Alberta
The MacMechanic team were great when it came to figuring out what was wrong with my Mac. They figured out the problem out with my mac in no time and had the problem fixed within a few days for less than I thought. If there are any problems with my computer in the future, I'll definitely be giving MacMechanic call.
I was very impressed by the service I received from MacMechanic. They were knowledgeable and honest about what to expect from them. I think they take pride in their results and so give a hundred percent. I took my MacBook in for preventive work due to a liquid spill. It looked and worked like a brand new machine when I received it. I would definitely recommend MacMechanic to anyone who wants to put their Mac in safe hands.
Petra B
the team at MacMechanic definitely know what they're doing. Instead of having to replace my entire computer when problems popped up, they managed to figurenout the problem, repair the damage and get my computer back to me within a few days.
I was very impressed with the outcome and will definitely be returning to them should any other problems occur.
After 8 years of use, my desktop decided to end it's life. Knowing that I didn't want to go to a Windows O/S, contacted Mac Mechanic and gained a new lease on Mac life. For Mac solutions, I gave 2 thumbs up.
Our company has been using Macmechanic for many years now and they have never let us down. Regardless of what the issue is they are on it until it is resolved. I know I can always count on them to provide the best service, not only with our company but personally as well. I have had my old Mac serviced cleaned and upgraded and it works fantastic. Very very happy with the service.
We have dealt with MacMechanic for several years now and they are excellent! The MacMechanic team are professional, quick to respond and quick to fix our issues, either in person, over the phone and most often, remotely - which is great for us! If you have a Mac problem call MacMechanic, they are awesome!
Calgary, Alberta
My first computer crash had no doubt made me very worried and anxious to say the least. Apple Store informed me that my hard drive was no longer working and would need to be replaced. What about my hours of scanning of family pictures and my work files. I researched and sought out around Calgary and decided upon MacMechanic. Having no previous experience with this company I did not know what to expect. Like a worried parent who did not want to leave their child at daycare for the first time, so I was with my IMac. Before leaving I was re-assured that "you're in the best hands possbile". Next phone call was to let me know the new hard drive was installed and they were able to retrieve all of my data for me! What an exciting moment I must say!!! For those of you that are unsure and hesitate as to where to take your computer to be fixed, I hope your story ends just like mine did at MacMechanics. Excellent price as well!
Darrel D
Calgary, Alberta
My Daughter has learning disabilities and is dependent on her mac book air for assisted learning technologies. The computer is a necessity not a luxury for her, every day she does not have it, leaves her further behind in school. At Apple I was quoted over $700.00 to fix the screen and encouraged to purchase a new $2000.00 computer, as a single mom these were impossible options. MacMechanic was quick to offer service and incredible turn around so she would not be without her computer. The repair was seem less and very professional at half the cost of Apple with excellent result. They were incredibly understandable of the urgency and difficulty of an unexpected cost. They were upfront with the cost and what I was quoted was what I was charged. Wonderful people, incredible service and I would highly recommended MacMechanic for apple service.
Pam Mullins
My son beat up his MAC pretty bad and ultimately lost the ability to use it at all – the issues with it far too many to list here. His life in pictures and music were on the hard drive and after having one supposed MAC expert look at it and tell me the hard drive was completely gone I came upon MAC Mechanic. They recovered the hard drive with no problems and even offered to assist me over the holiday season. They are responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. Three outstanding virtues which are seldom found in the service industry. Their pricing is fair and their service fast. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
Beth Price
Thanks Travis for explaining everything in terms we could understand. We enjoyed meeting you and are enjoying using our computer thanks to you!
Laura Thurgood
Calgary Ab
I had an urgent repair that I was told would take a couple weeks. MacMechanic solved my issues in 1.5 hours! Any other repair facility in town is simply a compromise.
Mark Ruth
Calgary, Alberta
Your search is over! I have done my due diligence in dealing with and searching for other companies that do Apple/Mac repairs and they come up short in service and cost. No need for Apple direct or Bigger repair shops.

MacMechanic was immediately a voice of confidence and trust.

They dealt with my laptop repair in a focused on issue (and not trying to up sell you) way, cost was cheaper and on target with what needed to be done. Trust me on this, i have dealt with many other groups and MacMechanic are who you need and will take care of you.
John Iaquinta
This is a great shop, very focused with deep understanding of how apple computers work, how to fix them, and how to get your data back. When the Apple store gives you a shrug, don't give up, this company can probably help you. I lost data on a hard drive and could not get it to connect, and I was in and out of MacMechanic in 5 minutes with the solution to my issues, it was the right cable (it is an odd one that nobody knew about at the other store) and got the data back safe and sound. Thank you!
Derek Bullen
After being lead to believe our Mac Book Pro required full replacement by Apple, Mac Mechanic came to the rescue.

Our infant daughter swatted a cup of coffee out of my wife's hands that landed on our $2400 Mac Book. We immediately shut it down and took it to the Genious Bar.

Having paid for AppleCare, we thought we'd have some sort of protection, but sure enough, we didn't.

The technician told us that the price to replace all the damaged parts was close to the equivalent of a new purchase. We were also told they cleaned the spilled coffee as best as possible, and if we waited a couple of weeks, it might turn back on a run as though nothing happens.

We waited two weeks as the technician requested and turned the Mac Book back on. Obviously it wasn't in any shape to work as it did pre coffee armageddon.

Being frustrated with the assessment my wife and I decided to outsource to a third party for repairs.

Enter Mac Mechanic...

Immediately we were told the assessment by the Genious Bar was incorrect as it should never have been turned back on. This likely caused more damage than good.

After bringing it in to Mac Mechanic, they worked diligently at repairing the carnage, it was as though a "new" Mac Book had resurfaced.

All of this at a quarter of the cost that Apple had quoted!

I will likely never deal with the "Genius Bar" again, and will send all my business and referrals to Mac Mechanic.

Unfortunately there is probably some other poor sap out there falling for Apple's opportunistic assessments right now...
Ronny Sharma
Long story short, my MacBook Air was a poutine. I went home and wiped off as much residue I could and cleaned out the ports. All of the ports were blue, indicating liquid exposure that would likely lead to corrosion. I took it to Apple Chinook the morning after it turned into a poutine and the following took place. I explained the very sad turn of events that resulted in liquid penetrating every single port on my MacBook. They turned my MacBook on and attempted to run diagnostics through the lightning port knowing full well that that could cause a shortage. This was very disheartening. After that, they took it to the back to open my device up to assess the damage. They returned to tell me that I needed a new logic board, a new display, and one other thing that I can no longer remember off the top of my head. They quoted me +$1300. I thought to myself that it was just my luck and it would not be worth it to spend that absurd amount of money to to attempt to repair my MacBook, as they did not guarantee that it could be fixed. It would be more worthwhile to purchase a new one. I went home to deliberate with those close to me. I decided to do some research on third party repairs. That is when I found MacMechanic. I am pleased to say that I am writing this review from my repaired MacBook. They were able to accommodate my very busy schedule in both drop off and pick-up. It took a little longer to fix, as my MacBook was in rough shape, but they stood by their quote, which was a fraction of what Apple asked for. I come from a customer service background and the customer service I received through They were fantastic and I strongly recommend MacMechanic's services. I've already referred a good friend with a liquid damaged MacBook to him and am waiting to hear good news. Many many thanks!
Sandy Tran
Mac mechanic is awesome. Quick, reliable and affordable. Would recommend their service to anyone who is having issues with their Apple products.
After countless hours of dealing with Apple Jr. technicians, I was told there was nothing I could do to recover my crashed hard drive on my macbook. MacMechanic had the Sr. technicians I needed to recover my files and get me back in business. The rates were much better than sending it in to Apple. Great work!
Karl Feltmate
I unexpectedly ran into problems printing last night, and I tried over the past month or so to contact my regular IT guy, and he wasn't returning my emails or phone calls. I sent an email to these folks late last night, and first thing this morning had a reply, who actually called me from holidays! He logged into my machine remotely and spent a good amount of time "undoing" the previous mess, re-configuring the printer, and presto... works like a charm!
I would really recommend this company, MacMechanic went above and beyond the call of service! Thanks again!
Ron Deitz
Deitz Financial Services Inc. Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta
When my Intel MacPro suddenly stopped working MacMechanic had me back up and running in 24 hours. Great work!
Man these guys are amazing!! took my mac laptop in from a coffee spill and they got it up and running like new. thanks guys. I recommend their service and repair any day.
Terrance Houle
I had a liquid spill and MacMechanic did their magic. I've had my MacBook Pro back for a few weeks now and all is as it was before the spill. I'm very relieved and was impressed by the reasonable and fair cost of the repairs. I would use MacMechanic again without hesitation.
Karen Gagnon
I just had my Mac Pro and my Macbook pro fixed by Macmechanic and the jobs were done efficiently and in a timely fashion, they took the time to fix my laptop over the weekend , so that I could take it on my trip, all at no extra cost. I was really impressed with their product knowledge and access to parts. My hard drive was backed up and replaced in no time. They live and breath macs there. way better and faster than the mac store :)
John Dupuis
Canamera Geological
Thought I had lost all my pictures, he was able to recover them and also did an upgrade on my system. Did the work for price quoted and was also done on schedule. I had some follow up questions at a later date and he was very willing to assist. Will definitely use his services again if needed.
Ron J.
Calgary, AB
Fantastic. My Mac had malware on it. I called to see if it could be fixed. I was able to get an appointment that morning, and it was ready for pick-up in 5hrs. Not only did I get the malware removed, he also did a "tune-up" on my Mac. Extremely well priced. And, a professional technician, as well.
I would highly recommend this business to anyone needing Mac repairs.
Courtney L.
Southeast Calgary, AB
I would like to follow-up with our telephone conversation today and thank you properly in print. My past experience with “MAC repair” has been one of disappointment until now. I have you to thank for that. I appreciate your diligence, your knowledge and your expertise and now that I have you in my Contacts I will not ever have to face another unknown source when I am in need of expert assistance. Thank you for who you are, what you do and how very well you do it. My sincere gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.
Barry Ranger P.Eng.
Barcomp Petroleum Inc.
Fast, proficient, competent work. MacMechanic treats you and your Mac with the the golden rule.
John Lindsay
I used MacMechanic for the very first time this week and I was very impressed with their level of service. They were easy to find on Google, a real person at the company answered the phone and offered me an appt for the very next business day. The work they performed was done very quickly and efficiently and was priced very fairly for the value that we received. They then followed up a few days later just to make sure everything was running smoothly. Totally professional!!
Michael Smith
I've had my Mac in twice now and both times have received excellent service!

They got my Mac back to me quickly and the issues were resolved each time! They provided a reasonable time-frame and delivered both times.

It's hard to find good service these days and these guys delivered!

I recommend Mac Mechanic to all my friends!
Jeff Renaud
Thank you! I brought in my dead iMac and they had it fixed up and running better then every before in just 2 business days! Our whole life is on that Mac and now it is back where it belongs.
Thank you for the quick and efficient assistance today. Excellent service.
These guys are awesome. Saved me literally hundreds. I'm so sick of Apple parts being ridiculously expensive and staff refusing to fix the problem. These guys gave my laptop a second life for less than $100. Well worth the drive over.
Tim A.
Canmore, AB
Mac Machanic has been my go-to guy for 3 years and he never disappoints. Very fast turnaround, reasonable prices and wonderful friendly customer service. Mac Machanic gives great advice on how to run your computer most effectively and is always available for a quick fix, chat or email. I would most definitely recommend him to everyone who needs their Mac serviced. He is the only person that I have found in Calgary who is knowledgeable about running a Windows interface on your Mac and doesn't charge a fortune to install upgrades and keep it running smoothly. I can't say enough great things about this company and their exceptional service.
Valery K.
Calgary, AB
The guys were great! Would recommend. My macbook was acting up and these guys sorted it as fast as possible. Thanks again -"Orange laptop guy"
Christian Abild
I have a 2008 MacBook Pro, which Apple considers vintage, so they suggested buying a new $2,500 replacement. Took it into MacMechanic and, for a fraction of the price, it runs like new!!

Super knowledgeable and not pushy by any means. Lets you know what the problem is, what your options are to fix it, and then prioritizes what you should do to get the computer to run the way you'd like it to. If it needs some more tweaks after the initial changes, you can continue to upgrade from there. Nice change from being told you have to fix everything at once to make your machine work.

Fast service and highly recommended. If you have an Apple, this is the place!!
Holly C.
My iMac sometimes became unresponsive. Also, the key chain was always popping up to ask for my password. They looked at computer and discovered that I had a hard drive problem. They replaced my hard drive with a solid state drive. They fixed my key chain issue. Now my iMac works GREAT. With the new hard drive, I am certain I will get many more years out of my iMac as it runs super fast now. Thanks for all your help.
Gordon Schneider
As the person responsible for the I.T. / I.S. division of the Hyatt Automotive Group, I work only on PC's. When our one and only Mac started experiencing problems, I had very little idea where to start, so went online, found this site, called and had my Mac up and running perfectly in short order, with no fuss and with an invoice that was less than I expected. MacMechanic also gave me some tips on using a Mac. Thanks.
Stuart Kasperski
Hyatt Automotive Group
MacMechainc has and continues to be very helpful. My first experience was very professional and helpful, solving my hard drive issues and retrieving all of my information.
I continue to refer people to MacMechanic because they get the job done right and fast.
I have used their services on a number of occasions both locally and a few remote support issues, every time the solution is communicated to me very clearly.
I will continue to use and refer my family, friends and colleagues to MacMechanic!
Jason Richter
I spilled coffee on my Macbook Pro about a year ago and it was working fine until a few months later. When I brought it into the apple store, they realized it was liquid damaged, opened it up and explained every piece that needed to be replaced, and quoted me $1200! I would essentially be better off buying a brand new Macbook. I went online and found a similar story to mine with an awesome review for MacMechanic so I contacted them.

Because I waited a year the rust was a huge factor. But they were able to fix it COMPLETELY at just a portion of the cost! I thought my Macbook was done for and I'd be sucked in to the world of Apple once again to make due with another brand new product, but MacMechanic took care of everything.

I am so glad I bothered to look up a Mac repair shop and found MacMechanic! Their service, honest quotes, and speedy turnaround definitely makes this the first stop for all my apple product repairs!
Ria Pacheco
When I first contacted MacMechanic a couple of years ago, they were the only ones that could come to my home in a reasonable time and set up my computers. The person who came out was very patient and helped me ( a computer illiterate) to understand how the system worked.
Along these years I have called them several times and always getting a good response. They even helped me over the phone without charge when I most needed. I won't hesitate to recommend them.
Elisa Galdon
I took my macbook pro (which had been broken for months) in to have it looked at by MacMechanic, and within 5 minutes it had been diagnosed and I was out the door. To my surprise I received a message 6 hours later saying that my laptop was ready for pickup the next day. The cost was great, the customer service was impeccable and now I basically have a brand new computer, all done in record time. Thats probably the best service I've ever had. Thanks a ton MacMechanic!!
Unbelievable service! I had a much loved Macbook from circa 2006?! Haha
It was an awesome little computer that served me well for many years. It was dropped with a cracked base and LCD screen and the battery was toast. I was basically told everywhere else that it was not fixable! :/
These dudes took the computer and within the next week it was fully refurbished beyond my expectations!! Not to mention at a totally reasonable cost!!
Thank a million! Whoop!
Banff, Alberta
MacMechanic are basically miracle workers. My man spilled an entire beer on my mac and I was certain it was DONE. Well, it turns out that it was, but I was still delivered all of my data on an even newer machine with a new operating system to boot. MacMechanic was incredibly personable and customer service oriented. They really saved my life and got me rolling again. I highly recommend these guys for all your mac emergencies.
Talicia Wagner
These guys worked tirelessly on my 15" MacBook Pro that I spilled water all over and somehow managed to pull it out of the hat - she's working again! So thankful!
MacMechanic was a great find. I have used the apple store for Mac service but this was a better experience.

I needed to upgrade the SSD hard drive from 64 GB to 128 GB. I also needed a system tune. There was some minor items that I noticed after the upgrade that MacMechanic fixed for me remotely.

Definitely recommended!

Ross Taylor
I came to Mac Mechanic after spilling water on the keyboard of my computer. I did just about everything you're not supposed to do - tried to turn it on, plugged it in...I thought it might be a goner. I looked online and took it to MacMechanic first for its glowing reviews and was not disappointed. I dropped it off and within 3 or 4 working days I'd received a report on how it was doing. Upon taking it home I discovered there were more problems. I called again, brought it in that evening and since he knew I'd be leaving town in 2 days he managed to essentially replace my hardrive, back up my files, install a new operating system, and have it all done by the next day.
The price of the new repairs was extremely reasonable and he saved my MacBook baby. Definitely a company worth coming to. They are super friendly as well. :)
Heidi Upham
I highly recommend MacMechanic - services , they have magic powers solutions for multiple Mac problems , so if you are facing any problem with your Mac don't hesitate to contact them .
Thanks a lot .
8710 Horton road
Super satisfied! They spent endless hours on my mac because it was having major problems and now it runs perfectly. Amazingly fair price
Carol Mei
Was having some problems with my Mac, checked with the genius's and they said "oh it's vintage we don't fix those". Took it to the big name 3rd party Apple retailer and they said "your logic board is toast may as we'll buy a new one". Found Mac Mechanic on line took it to them and it has been working perfectly ever since and cost me less than the guys who said it couldn't be fixed. A couple of months later had trouble with my iPad and same thing excellent service and gave me a discount as a repeat customer. I recommend them to everyone I talk to.
Kevin Witham
Absolutely great service. My computer needed several upgrades as it hasn't been upgraded since I bought it about 8 years ago. Same-day service at a fraction of the cost of the Mac store, and most importantly no "Geniuses". My Mac is running great now, I'd go back/recommend in a heartbeat.
I managed to smash the screen of my ~4 year old MacBook Pro rendering it all but useless to me. I needed the laptop to DJ a Halloween party (in two days) and the technician from Mac Mechanic was able to replace the entire screen assembly in less than 24 hours to save the day. He also gave me great honest advice regarding a damaged iPad. I would definitely contact Mac Mechanic again with any Apple product issues in the future.
Justin M.
My Mac lives another day thanks to Mac Mechanic!! A new screen, straightening the whole keyboard, replacing the hdd and able to save everything from the damaged hdd in 3 days - very impressive, very professional.
Shana Hamilton
Every testimonial that you read here about the service provided by macmechanic captures exactly my experience dealing with them. You can expect very professional, timely and quality work from them for a very reasonable price. I had a failed hard drive with really important data, almost dead battery and other issues. I got all my data back and my computer was restored to a perfect working condition in 2 working days. I would recommend them to anyone!
After dealing with multiple poor computer people over the past few months finding MacMechanic was a relief! After learning i needed a new hard-drive these guys fixed my Mac within a day and for a huge percentage less than what was asked of previous "techs". Very painless and extremely satisfied. I'd recommend these guys to anyone with small to large Mac problems.

Thanks guys!
-Brendan Moffat
Brendan Moffat
My MacBook Pro suddenly decided that it no longer wanted to have a working power button or keyboard, so I took it to the Apple Store and was told that it would take 5 days to get the part I needed into the store. One phone call later to MacMechanic, and they had it sorted out the next day! Great service, fast and my laptop hasn't looked better!
Graham Beisel
My MacBook was not working and I sent it to an Apple store because I had warranty on it. They told me my warranty does not cover the damage and that they would charge me to fix it. I checked online and found mac mechanic. My laptop was fixed and I was charged way less than what other store was going to charge me. I will certainly recommend it for everybody.
I had no idea where to go to get my MacBookPro fixed. I went to the {Respected Competitor} and they told me my laptop was almost vintage. {Respected Competitor} had a band aid fix then I spoke with MacMechanic and they had my computer up and running in no time! Very reasonable prices, excellent knowledge and great customer service!! I would recommend them to any of my design friends!! Five star rating from me!
Mike Baumann
Graphic and Digital Designer
A friend of mine had referred me to MacMechanic when I wanted to sell/fix my laptop. It had water damage, was out of warranty, and I wasn't sure what I could do with it. MacMechanic was extremely helpful and came up with a solution for me on the spot. I thought dealing with my broken MacBook Pro would be a painful process, but MacMechanic provided amazing customer service. Thanks!! If I have any issues with my Mac again, I'll definitely be in contact!
Calgary, AB
Thank you MacMechanic! I was having problems with my old but very dear MacBook. I goggled for Apple repair and found MecMechanic. Took my MacBook to them and they were able to fix not only the first issue but they noticed other issues and advised me of solutions. I am glad I went ahead cause my old but very dear MacBook is working like it is new! Thank you MacMechanic!
Vanessa M. Kirschner
I was looking to either sell or fix my old laptop quickly and MacMechanic was my first option. MacMechanic was fantastic to consult regarding my issues and he provided the best solution for me. I am happy that I didn't bother with the rest of the guys in the market. I would highly recommend MacMechanic if you require fixing your Mac out of warranty.
Terrific service as I couldn't do my contracted job until my iMac was fixed! Very scary. They sorted my 2007 iMac within a couple of days and with extras I didn't expect... so this old beast (me & my computer:)) was ready for another onslaught of hundreds edited photos ready for my client. Thanks MacMechanic... much appreciated -- SW
Sherry Ward
I needed to have the os updated, take Windows off the drive, back up all data and a new battery for my Macbook. Best Buy @ Deer Foot Meadows quoted me $500 plus and stated it would take a week just to get the battery. These guys were not only timely in their communications, but very professional and i did NOT have to fork over anywhere near $500. Kudos to you guys and a very big thank-you!
Clarion Davis
Calgary, AB
I had a great experience with macmechanic. Prices were fair and our computer was repaired and back to us the next day.
Nick Crowston
Chestermere, AB
MacMechanic did a great job recovering precious childhood photos and videos that were somehow deleted from our computer!
They did it quickly (computer returned the next day) even though I was told to give them 5 days to do the job.
You can tell that they know what they are doing especially since their work space is so organized (as I appreciate a clean workspace).
I highly recommend MacMechanic!
Pietro S
If you're interested in avoiding Apple Store crowds and paying much less for honest work on your mac toys, Mac Mechanic is for you.
Thanks! I was stuck; had a big job to do and since I'm using ONLY one useful computer to "be alive" for my business (the other is an old G4 and totally useless but helpful when desperate)... MacMechanic saved my old computer... upgraded the system and more; more than you would expect. Thank you again.
Sherry Ward
I brought my laptop for a new battery since it did not seem to last very long. They told me the truth that I did not need a new one and cleaned my fans without charging me, I really appreciated the honesty. Would of been very easy to just put in a new battery and charge me. They also fixed my trackpad after it stopped working. Will call again when I need help. Very quick to respond to my e-mails. Thank you.
My beloved Mac was slowly dying... Could not really afford a new one... Mac Mechanic took care to fix it at low cost, now it runs like new!! well done!!
pierre leblanc
Had water damage on my macbook pro. I thought it was done for, and outlook looked bleak. But these guys came through and repaired it! Awesome job! Thanks!!
Andrew Fung
Great service! My MacBook Pro was working slower and slower and after taking it with MacMechanic it's like new again! Thank you very much!
Carlos de la Vega
I was extremely impressed with MacMechanic. I called to inquire about replacement cost for my macbook air screen, and not only were they very friendly, full of knowledge, they offered me a great deal and they even got it done that same day! Wow! Speak about great service! Thanks Mac Mechanic! I will definitely recommend your services!
Lynette Lewis
replaced my sons screen and upgraded my husbands mac cheaper and faster than if I would have went anywhere else, and believe me I called everywhere. The best prices, the best service around. Thanks
My imac was in critical condition after I made two mistakes. MacMechanic was honest that they might not be able to fix it and gave me a quote. I know they spent extra time and effort trying to get it up and running. They were successful and stuck to their original quote despite the extra time they put in. I would highly recommend Macmechanic. My advice to others is don't try to work on your mac yourself. Take it to these guys and save yourself money and potential grief.
Thanks a bunch ... I was getting ready to buy a PC due to the lack of interest from the 'box' store. These guys came through ... replaced my DVD drive within 24 hours!!!!!!! You simply cannot match the service, professionalism, timeframe and price!!!!!!!
I was very pleased with the quality of the service I received from MacMechanic in Calgary. While they was not able to resolve the problem I had with FileVault, (I blame Other Store for that and they were not at all helpful!) I had my data and photos stored elsewhere, so that was really just an inconvenience to resolve.

What impressed me was the alternative they proposed, which resulted in a cleaner, non-glitchy new hard drive which is considerably faster and a pleasure to work with. They fortunately recovered all the existing applications I was using. Everything works great now, and the cost was a fraction of what I expected it might be. My iMac now has a few more years on it.

MacMechanic was pleasant and patient with my reserve about handing over my computer when I had not used their services previously. Without a doubt, I would bring my equipment to them before I would take it anywhere else.
Karen R
MacMechanic is HIGHLY recommended! I am a PhD student and you could image my distress when my MacBook Air broke. My thesis, coursework, projects and everything you could image was stored on my computer. I immediately took my computer to the Apple Store and they told me that they could replace my logic board for $530, but they recommended that I buy a new computer instead because other parts of my computer may also be damaged. They also provided me with the contact information of a data recovery company in the USA that would charge me $2,000 to get my documents. I frantically searched around for other options. Although several local companies said they were unable to retrieve my data because the MacBook Air has a solid state hard drive, I contacted 10+ people in Calgary and found a few who were able to help. I decided to go with MacMechanic based on their reviews and it was the right choice! My logic board was FIXED and my data was backed up within 24 hours! MacMechanic even worked after business hours to have my computer back to me in record time. The service was quicker and far more affordable than what the other store offered. I will certainly go back to MacMechanic!
Calgary, Alberta
I am from Hawaii and just visiting my in-laws here in Calgary. I had a 2008 15" MacBook Pro that has been broken for almost a year with a cracked screen and an damaged logic board. My wife and I have a 4 year old son and needless to say when he was a baby he had way too much contact with our computer and so physically it was not in good shape. So when we took it to the ***** Store they said it was on the "3rd tier" and it was going to cost us between $900-$1,100 U.S. just to send it in not including the repair of the screen or the logic board (which would have been several hundred dollars more)!!! I got to Calgary saw the reviews on MacMechanic and gave them a call. I met them and they told me they could take care of it for less than HALF THE PRICE AND TIME!!!!!! Both screen and logic board were fixed in a timely manner. The guys at MacMechanic are trustworthy and do a quality job. Thanks!!!!
Shem Hannemann
After spilling coffee onto my one month old macbook pro, I went to an Apple retailer to see if I could receive any help. After only 5 minutes of being dealt with, I have never found the service given to me at Apple Store to be worse, I felt intimated by the person who was 'helping' me and their attitude seemed to make me feel stupid. I felt treated badly and the worst part was after only 5 minutes, the only option given to me was to spend $1200.00 to fix the laptop, which is what I originally paid for in the first place!

That same day I looked up MacMechanic and decided to give them a try. Afterwards I found that I have never experienced such exceptional service with any company dealing with electronics ever, both on the phone and in person! They treated me like someone in need and not just another dollar for their wallets.
To Apple Store what seemed like an impossible repair, was easily done under 3 days by MacMechanic. To top it off, the repair cost was outstandingly cheap!! Now my macbook is fixed and fully running exactly like the way it was when I first bought it!

I highly recommend MacMechanic to you and your friends for any of your macbook repairs! Thanks again MacMechanic!
Calgary, Alberta
Had MacMechanic do a hard drive replacement and ram upgrade, great service, turn around time and value. I Highly recommend MacMechanic.
Larry Soron
Re/Max iRealty Innovations
When I developed a problem with a program on my Mac, I was thrilled that MacMachanic came to the rescue - and over the phone and remotely controlled my computer. Problem solved in 5 minutes - no waiting, no being put on hold, no driving, no being without my computer for days. Ya gotta love it!
Frances McDonald
Like many mac owners, I've had my wallet cleaned out one too many times by Apple Store repairs for my MacBook Pro. Finally, I decided to look elsewhere for assistance. Not only did I receive amazing and detailed information about my Mac, and what would have taken Apple Store over a month, I had my Mac completed in hours, for a low price! For me, the amazing value of service will never again have me looking further than MacMechanic! Thanks so much!
Nicole R.
Killarney, Calgary
MacMechanic is the go to place for the fastest, most reliable and most knowledgeable Apple service in Alberta. I Would recommend them to anyone and everyone looking to have a peace of mind that their broken mac will be fixed and working better than new and all for the best price in town! Thanks again!
Adam Naugler
Calgary Alberta
Calgary's smartest choice for low cost, high quality Apple product repair and support!
Tanya Mauro
MacMechanic retrieved the data from our damaged hard drive when we were told by others that it was not possible. Don't let 'others' give you the only options of reinstalling the system software or replacing the hard drive and losing all your data. Call MacMechanic first, you'll be happy you did. We highly recommend MacMechanic: great service, great price, and greatly appreciated! Thank you for your professionalism and expertise.
Our Mac had its logic board go on it and being the patient one I am, I kept turning the computer on/off without the screen working as it should. MacMechanic recovered all of our corrupted files from me being an idiot and also repaired the logic board. I must say we are very impressed with MacMechanic and highly recommend them to anyone with issues with their Mac. So very thankful they fixed to where it is as good as new, and their rates are surprisingly reasonable. Thanks so much MacMechanic, we really appreciate you taking the time to help us out!
Okotoks, Alberta
I really appreciate the help you gave me yesterday. What impressed me the most was that even though my issues was small, you took the time to thoroughly resolve my problem and that’s worth the price of gold to me being a non-computer person. I have been to other places but nobody was willing to spend the time with me to answer all my questions. I will spread the word that MacMechanic has the best customer service around.
Steven Rolfe
We are a large computer sales and service centre in Calgary (sorry can't say) and we have used MacMechanic extensively in the past to provide special service to our Mac customers. We trust MacMechanic with our customers and they have excellent rates. I reluctantly write this plug, but I told you I would ;).
Very impressed with the service and I will take the advice on backing up everything in multiple places. To all reading this, do not hesitate to call MacMechanic, they are truly the Mac experts in Calgary. Thank you!
Serena M
The service provided is second to none. This is the place to go when you want great down to earth service at a great price. I would highly recommend MacMechanic for all your Apple needs.
I am happy with the service I received from MacMechanic. The problem with my 4 year old MacBook was diagnosed within moments of me walking through the door. Now, not only has it been fixed, it is running faster than before! The technician was very friendly and professional. The job was completed on time at a fair price. I would definitely go back to this company again in the future.
Warren Smith
ATB Financial
My CD drive on my mac book wasn't working and MacMechanic assessed the problem quickly and quoted me a great price. The service was quick and accommodating and they discovered my operating system was out of date and upgraded it for a very reasonable price. I will use MacMechanic in the future and would highly recommend to my friends!
Heather O
My son's macbook pro had some liquid spilt on it and we took it to a "reputable" mac dealer to be fixed. We were told the keyboard needed to be replaced. A few days later, the tech phoned and we were told, the laptop was basically "finished". We then found MacMechanic and took our laptop in. In a matter of days they had it fixed and going AND discovered that the previous tec who worked on it, had broken a part off the logic board! We were very impressed with the work done by MacMechanic and were so pleased to have a working macbook at a reasonable cost. We would not hesitate to recommend MacMechanic to anyone who has a Mac product. Thank you MacMechanic!
Deb G
The tech we worked with was kind and accommodating. We'd recommend MacMechanic to anyone. I had a deadline to make and was desperate to get my mac fixed and MacMechanic got it done.
Savannah Koop
I was in a bind without a compatible charger. No other store was able to help... MacMechanic was able to get me going!!! Same day service! THX :)
Excellent Job!! I had a broken screen and it was fixed within 24 hours. If you cracked the screen on your Mac this is the place to go, great trustworthy place. Great people to know. Respect.
My computer had not been responding to any chargers and I was going through exchange after exchange while trying to use my computer in school. I didn't get any real feedback from the people at the ***** ***** and I couldn't wait around any longer. MacMechanic was able to see me the day I called and helped me without any charge. It's nice to have honest, fair service that I can count on. If I have any problems again, MacMechanic is the first place I will go to.
After having coffee spill on my Macbook's keyboard, I was told at ** *** ****** that it would cost me $150 just for them to look at my computer; that was in addition to costs for the actual repair! At MacMechanic, it was not just looked at, but fixed for well under $150.

I will definitely use your services in the future and always recommend them to others. Thank you so much for your help.
I destroyed my MacBook screen and I was looking around for an inexpensive or cheap way to get help for my Mac in Calgary. I found this site and I am so happy did. I took my Mac in and it was fixed in 2 days! Thank you very much!
MacMechanic turned a $1500 repair into a $300 one. Now my Macbook Pro that was sitting on my desk for 6 months is back alive and well. Truly a happy day! Don't throw away your MacBook because of a board issue, let MacMechanic help you!
I needed a new SuperDrive and a RAM upgrade ... fast ! , and I was just passing through Calgary on a long weekend on top of that, I e-mailed MacMechanic to see if I could get it done in a very short time, and it was arranged and done without a problem, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg !! ... I'd recommend MacMechanic to anyone who may have issues with their Mac, my MacBook is fully operational again .. thanks a lot !!
My MagSafe power adapter broke on me so I called and spoke with a tech immediately. I use my Macbook for work so I needed a replacement asap. I was very pleased with how quickly and inexpensively it was provided. Anyone who is looking for a quick fix or to speak with a knowledgeable tech right away should call MacMechanic.
Calgary, Alberta
Service for my Mac Mini was fast and there was no waiting around for parts. It was also great to be able to talk directly with the tech, and not some in-between. Thanks!
Excellent Job!! I had a broken screen and it was fixed within 24 hours. If you have a problem with your Mac this is the place to go.
After my hard drive crashed, I was looking for an affordable way to get my computer running again. Mac Mechanic was fast and provided excellent service! I will definitely be a repeat customer with any future problems I may encounter!
MacMechanic was able to recover all of my data at half the price of Others. I had my iMac back and working better than ever within three days! Thank you so much MacMechanic!
Fantastic service and fantastic prices! Thanks for all the help with my Mac.
Fast, personal, expert, and cost effective service! Thank you MacMechanic! I would happily refer or recommend this company to anyone owning a Mac and needing service!
We needed a quick fix on my MacBook before an overseas trip and MacMechanic was the only option able to do a quick fix. We were able to do our business overseas. Thanks again.
MacMechanic has provided service and knowledge on many occasions for myself, family and friends. I'm very grateful for the honest, economical and quality assistance! The personalized approach offers far more than my other options in Calgary.
I was very impressed by the service, and the quote was $200 less than the other places I called. Thank you very much!
Others told us that they would not be able to recover any of the data on our iMac's hard drive.... MacMechanic recovered everything in 2 days.
Brian N
I arrived in Calgary for a weekend visit with a broken screen on my MacBook. I left being able to carry on my business without any delay. MacMechanic was incredible to deal with and gave great value. Many thanks!
Calgary, AB
Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Your knowledge and professionalism are both outstanding. We appreciated all your advice and help with our iMac. We liked knowing that we would get an honest answer without the pressure to give up on our old computer to buy a new one. MacMechanic is now our "go to" for anything to do with our computer.
Kevin & Kellie
I was so mad at myself when I spilled my latte on my keyboard and my MacBook stopped working. I went to an Other Store and they quickly told me to buy a new computer. I didn’t have $1500 in my purse and I went home and found your ad on Google. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you fixed my MacBook, I still can’t believe it. Thank you, Thank you Thank you
We were fed up with runaround ***** was giving us to fix our iMac, and found your website. We are happy we did as the price we paid was half of they wanted and twice as fast as they said it would take. Thank you.
Dave & Brena
My MacBook is like new again with the new screen. I won't put my MacBook on my stairs ever again. :) Thanks a million!
I was told it was going to take 2 weeks to fix my Mac, MacMechanic fixed it in 3 days. I will recommend MacMechanic to my friends. Thanks
MacMechanic has been my Mac goto for the last couple years. All issues I've had with any of my Mac products, I bring it to the MacMechanic team. They have fixed my broken iPhone screen for cheaper than all the competitors in the city, upgraded my storage and RAM, helped me recover integral data on a faulty drive, and given me lots of great general Mac tips to help improve my user experience.
They offer great customer service and I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues for anything Mac related from repairs to enhancements to general inquiries. Definitely hit them up!
River E.
Calgary, AB
My iMac's hard drive was dying and it was no longer under warranty. I took it to Mac Mechanic and he not only upgraded my OS but put in a 1TB drive (the dying one was only 250GB), cleaned the inside, and transferred my back up drive. Everything was as good as new and only took 3 days to complete. Plus all that for a reasonable price. I'm definitely going back in the off chance my computer has issues. Talking to him in person you can tell he cares about Macs.
Shane P.
Vancouver, BC
I had prompt service on my screen replacement. The repair was quoted to the penny. I was very happy with the service!
Jana S.
I accidentally dropped my Macbook Pro and broke the screen, I took it to Apple and they told me that it was going to take 2 weeks to fix and the cost was far too much for me to pay. I found Mac Mechanic on Google and set up and appointment to take my Mac in. I was quoted half of what apple was charging and it was only going to take 2 days. I went ahead with it and when I got my machine back it was cleaned up and looked brand new. I would recommend Mac Mechanic to anyone looking for help with their Mac.
Eric W.
These guys are rock stars. This is the third time they have saved me(you would think I would learn). Always helpful, and super knowledgeable, I'd never go to the apple store. ever again.
Jessie K.
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