Liquid Damaged Macbook - Rice Does Not Repair!

Liquid Damaged Macbook - Rice Does Not Repair!

Today we want to inform Calgary of why putting your iPhone or MacBook in rice after an encounter with liquid is a bad idea, and explain why the rice trick is a temporary measure. The original idea about putting electronics into rice in our opinion was never meant to repair the affected device but rather mitigate the damage. When your Mac encounters liquid, putting your Mac in rice will do little or nothing at all to prevent damage or total failure. Macs that seemingly work after putting them in rice, would have worked whether you put the MacBook in rice or not. Even if your Mac turns on after the rice “treatment” the liquid that has come into contact with the electronic components inside (logic board typically) the Mac will rust and corrode and connections will become fragile or malfunction.

MacBook liquid damage is an urgent matter and must be tended to as soon as possible to prevent further damage to other components. It is imperative that the Mac be opened to disconnect the battery and inspected under a microscope to determine the extent of the damage. Rice will do next to nothing to rust or corrosion and absolutely nothing to a damaged or shorted component. Rice is not a repair tool.

The other option that is sprinkled all over the Internet is the infamous toothbrush and alcohol. Here we have a marginally better solution than rice but the major problem is that this method never completely removes the liquid or corrosion underneath the critical chips on the logic board. Water is not what damages your MacBook, it is the minerals in the liquid that are conductive and damages the individual energized components.

The definitive solution to repairing MacBook liquid damage is for your Mac to be professionally dismantled and the logic board (aka motherboard) to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, logic board schematics be read, malfunction to be solved and damaged components to be professionally removed and replaced.

We encourage you to seek our professional help if your Mac has encountered liquid to protect your investment and give you peace of mind that your expensive Apple computer is repaired properly and will continue to function properly in the future.

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