Your Mac Is Not Vintage!!

When you think of the word vintage, what kind of thoughts or emotions come to mind? I firstly think of its original meaning of dating wine, but secondly, I think of cars with tail fins, and servers on roller skates from the movies of the 50s. Of course you have your own ideas regarding the word, however most would agree that vintage means, old fashioned, near antique or a fashion that was popular in a different era. I doubt you came up with an image of a MacBook Pro from 2010 in your head. Vintage… the term Apple uses at the genius bar when your Mac is older than 5 years old.

Coincidently as I was writing this article, I received a phone call from a customer needing a battery for her 2011 13” MacBook Pro A1278, who offers a perfect example. She stated that when she took her MacBook for service into the Apple Store, they repeatedly used the term vintage and encouraged her to purchase a new MacBook after they confirmed her own diagnosis that her Mac simply needed a new battery. She reviewed their current lineup of Macs and found that they did not offer much more capability for her than her current MacBook. She wanted to have her battery changed but they would not help her because of the “vintage” status.

Clearly there is no one in a better position in that moment to help her with her Mac other than Apple. She is right there in the store with her Mac, and Apple made computers using the same battery until 2015! They most likely have a compatible battery in stock, but will not change it for her.

We believe that Apple cleverly uses the term vintage so that you attach negative emotions to your quite capable Mac and puts you in a state that creates a want for their new offerings. Vintage, old fashioned, near antique is not quite how most feel thaty should be computing in this day and age. The deliberate choice of the word vintage in my opinion is a sneaky, slow burn sales tactic. I suggest the industry standard word “discontinued”, would be just a touch more neutral.  I’m sure Apple will get right on that suggestion. Repairing computers doesn’t help their stock valuation and that is certainly a conflict.

We seem to live in a world of where our mobile devices and computers have become status symbols and you are led to believe that the fashion is the latest and greatest, anything less, and your outdated or incapable. Let us assure you that your well built Mac has a few more years left on it. Your Mac is not vintage!

At MacMechainic, any MacBook that is made with a unibody chassis is not vintage. Any Mac that has an Intel core 2 duo processor from 2007-2010 has high function as a main or secondary computer, can potentially offer home automation or server functions in your home or office. Any iMac that is silver can be made into an excellent daily use computer. We can make your discontinued iMac or MacBook run faster and perform better then when you purchased it. When Apple tells you your Mac is vintage and will not help, we’d like to give you a second opinion. MacMechanic leads the way for 3rd party Mac repair in Calgary. Give us a call and we will help you. 403-455-4549


We are hearing from a few sources a new cute word apple support has been using: Dinosaur! Yes, they have been calling your 2011 Mac a dinosaur.


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