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If your are experiencing a malfunctioning Apple computer you can rely on MacMechanic to get you back up and running, economically and in record time.

  • Experts in software support and training
  • Full system backup and reinstall, restoring all of your previous information and work-flow
  • System optimization, speed boosting, upgrading, updating
  • Installing Windows on your Mac
  • VMware Virtualization, convert your current Windows machine to run on your Mac.
  • On-site or off-site data backup solutions
  • Software configuration and training for photographers, videographers and musicians.
  • Expert in working in mixed environments with Mac, PC (98, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc)
  • Formerly Certified Microsoft Professional / Trainer (We know Microsoft!)


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Our Mac had its logic board go on it and being the patient one I am, I kept turning the computer on/off without the screen working as it should. MacMechanic recovered all of our corrupted files from me being an idiot and also repaired the logic board. I must say we are very impressed with MacMech...