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Trust your precious Mac with experienced Apple professionals, as the cost of dealing with amateurs is too high!

You do not need a new Mac. You do not need a new Mac. You do not need a new Mac.


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Calgary Mac Repair Service, Sofware Support, Business IT Soutions and Apple Training. MacMechanic has you covered.
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Certified, verified, trusted professionals with well over a decade of experience and dozens of thank you letters, testimonials and references.

If you are looking for the fastest and most efficient Apple Mac Repair in Calgary and you don't want to pay a fortune, give us a call or request an appointment now.

The MacMechanic team has a vast base of diverse experience working with Apple Mac repair, support and training. Our team's tech background consists of: Apple senior Mac hardware technicians, Microsoft systems engineer, creative environment support specialist, audio engineering support, Apple retail sales, corporate support tech of over 200 Mac based clients and we are deeply involved in the dying art of electronics repair with a focus on Apple Macs. We know tech education rapidly becomes obsolete and we continuously stay current and open to new approaches and we do it because we love it. We do not teach our techs to be experts, we simply recruit expert techs. If you or your organization needs Apple repair service, support or training, leverage our experience for the best possible customer experience.
Certified, verified, trusted professionals with well over a decade of Apple experience and dozens of thank you letters, testimonials and references.

Using a collaborative approach in problem solving, tech solutions and delivering outstanding customer service, we make use of all our teams diverse experience. We are firm believers in forging relationships with our clients and continually become the "go to" when it comes to their Apple IT needs. We have spent many years creating systems and techniques to deliver outstanding Apple Mac repair service support and training. 403-455-4549

Economical Service & Support for Apple iMac, MacBook, Mac Repair Calgary

Do you have an Apple computer that needs service? Is your computer malfunctioning and you need support? MacMechanic can solve your Apple Mac's problems for far less than sending it to Apple. MacMechanic's expertise is in Apple hardware and software and has provided service and support for Apple computers since 1999. Expect experience and professional service as MacMechanic has repaired thousands of machines, continuously receives thank you letters + testimonials and has many references. If you need assistance, please send us an email with a brief note and please include your phone #. We promptly reply to all messages.

We know that you are probably not happy at the moment with your malfunctioning computer. The last thing you need now is more hassle and misinformation. Unlike other service centres you deal directly with the technicians, get a quote on the spot and know what is happening every step of the service/support process.

Many customers mentioned that they are fed up with how some service centres treat them, and are very impressed with the results MacMechanic delivers. We take pride in economical prices, exceptional customer service, and extremely fast turn around.

Our service is not convoluted by strict protocol and enormous retail overhead. Our low costs and flexible methods will save you time and money. If you have a malfunctioning Mac and you need immediate service and support, look no further as you have found the most streamlined, economical solution.

Beware of the Apple service bandits!! In many cases, MacMechanic's cost for parts and labor have been half of what others charge.


Liquid Damaged Mac? Logic Board Repair / Replacement?


If your Mac has encountered liquid, there is no other shop in Western Canada more equipped and experienced to repair your Mac than MacMechanic.

All Apple service centres will replace your logic board if it has signs of liquid damage. Logic board replacement cost an enormous amount of money and in some cases cost more than the computer’s current value. Our service is a fraction of the cost for one simple reason: instead of replacing your logic board, we repair it. Scrapping the entire logic board is a complete waste as the small electronic components of the logic board that typically fail because of liquid, can be tested and replaced.

Liquid damage repair is not as simple as "cleaning up" the liquid as our competitors attempt, we have complex processes and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in inspection, imaging and diagnostic equipment to provide this service. Apple service centres and other 3rd party shops do not attempt, nor do their technicians have the training to do this type of repair.  We have done research in our market and our competitors are trying to duplicate our service, but are simply “cleaning” the logic board and do not have any inspection, imaging or diagnostic tools at all! We have countless cases where we are repairing hack repair attempts from other repair places when the problem is as simple as a fuse or resistor!

In short, MacMechanic has over a decade of experience and the most sophisticated tools available that others who claim to perform liquid damage repair simply do not. The cost of dealing with amateurs is far too high as we fix 8-9/10 of liquid damaged Macs! Bring your Mac to us to get straight answers and avoid all the hassle.




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